Good things from MB Expo!

Congrats to our fabulous models and talent who just came back from the November MB Expo in Dallas. They received numerous callbacks and awards from agents from LA, New York, and worldwide. Also, Cydne Hitchings and Baylee Williams were awarded $20,000 scholarships to the New York Film Conservatory.

Trophy winners were:

  • Rachel Holder: Overall Female Model of the Year
  • Olivia Ireland: 2nd Runner-up Headshot & Winner 2 person scene
  • Kyleigh Sexton: 1st Runner-up Runway
  • Cash Wheeler: Winner Cold Read Commercial & 2nd Runner-up 2-Person Scene
  • Baylee Williams: 1st Runner-up Runway
  • Wyatt Ramisch: 1st Runner-up Comp Card, & 2nd Runner-up Runway, 1st Runner-up Swimsuit
  • Isiah Columbus: 2nd Runner-up Headshot, Winner Cold Read Commercial, 1st Runner-up Monologue Winner 2-person Scene & Singer 2nd Runner-up

More news to come, contracts, etc!!!

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