MB Expo Winners




Congratulations to everyone who went to Expo and to our medal winners! You all did such a great job!

Cash Wheeler – Child 4-7 Comp Card Winner, 2-Person Scene 1st Runner Up

Olivia Ireland –  Child 4-7 Runway 2nd Runner Up, Cold Read Winner, Monologue 2nd Runner Up, 2-Person Scene Winner

Anna Belle Needham – Child 4-7 Headshot Winner, Monologue 1st Runner Up

Wesley Brantley – Child 8-12 Comp Card 1st Runner Up

Olivia Needham – Child 8-12 Comp Card Winner

Mason Voyles – Junior Male Headshot 2nd Runner Up

Averie Ellison – Teen Female Comp Card 1st Runner Up, Runway 2nd Runner Up

Rachel Holder – Teen Female Comp Card Winner, Runway 1st Runner Up, Swimsuit 2nd Runner Up, Headshot 1st Runner Up

Baylee Williams – Teen Female Monologue 1st Runner Up

Camille Medina – Sophisticate Photography 1st Runner Up, Cold Read 2nd Runner Up, 2-Person Scene 1st Runner Up, Singer 2nd Runner Up

Wendy Needham – Sophisticate Runway Winner, Monologue 1st Runner Up

Alexandria Strawn – Adult Female Runway 2nd Runner Up, Swimsuit 2nd Runner Up, Photography 1st Runner Up

Jack Hildebrand – Adult Male Cold Read 2nd Runner Up

Corey Cameron – Adult Singer 1st Runner Up, Songwriter 1st Runner Up

Blake Farr – Teen Singer Winner

Troupe Competition 2nd Runner Up

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