Rachel Holder: A New Face


(originally from Lenny Wheeler Photography)

I sat down with Rachel Holder from Anderson Model and Talent Agency in Amarillo TX.  I asked her several questions, from how long she has been modeling to where she sees herself in the future.


I’ve known Rachel for almost a year and we have shot several times since we first started. From the very first time I shot with her, this 16 year old West Texan was shy, timid and nervous all at the same time.


It is very neat to see when someone just illuminates with confidence the more you connect.  Rachel had discussed with me that she has been modeling over a year now, and has already gotten way more comfortable with her posing, her eyes and her over all composure as a model.  When I asked her what she struggled with the most, she said it was exercising.


Her biggest role model is the superior super model Cara Delevingne who also graces the covers of Vogue, Glamour, Numero and W Magazine’s.


After signing with her mother agency, Anderson Model and Talent Agency, she quickly started development and went to MB Expo Dallas and immediately gained the likes of  Wilhelmina, Premier Models and 13 others.

It seems like this young lady is on her way to becoming a super model.  Rachel, I would not be surprised one bit when you do make that cover.  I look forward to seeing your development over the next year.



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